Name: Jorge Varas Santibañez
Seudonim: Varilla

Chile. 1942 - 74
1942- Born in Santiago de Chile.
1952- Mention of Honour in a competition for the school emblem in San Bernardo.
1957- Publisher of a humor magazine of a Grammar school in Santiago.
1958- Comicstrip for the weekly magazine "Chena".
1962- 2nd prize in engraving in Santiago.
1962-64 Engraving studies in Artes Aplicadas School with Julio Palazuelos and later Santos Chavez
1965/68- Diverse works: painter of signboards, decorator, sketcher and original designer. Employed in Santos Chavez's workshop to make copies of his engravings.

1965- 1st prize - for poster at the Art Fair of San Bernardo.
1965/68- Diverse works: painter of signboards, decorator, sketcher and original designer.
1968/69- Cartoons and humoristic drawings for the satirical magazine "La Chiva".
1969- Illustrations for the Sunday magazine and Almanac of the newspaper "El Mercurio".
1970/73- Art Director and graphic designer for the newspaper "Puro Chile". Cartoons and illustrations for different newspapers and magazines such as: "Ultima Hora", "Chile Today", "Novedades" etc.
1972- Graphic Design lecturer in vespertine courses at the Pedagogical Institute, the University of Chile.
Rumania 1974 - 82
1978- Cover for the program of Encounter of Latin American poets at the University of Sorbonne in Paris.
1979- Mention of Honour at the International Biennial of Cartoons and Humor Drawing, Havana Cuba.
1980- Co-editor and illustrator of the children's book "The Wonderful Story of the Letters" (Bucharest)
1981- Participant in the Official Hall of Arts (Bucharest).

Sweden 1982 - today
1983- Cover for LP "Everything Changes" of the group "Somos"
1983- Illustrations for a lyrical collection of Pablo Neruda published in Malmö.
1984- Poster "Byking for Peace".
1987/94- Advertising Agency specialised in producing signboards, graphism for textile printouts, illustrations and graphic design.
1992- Graphic exhibition of drawings and watercolors under the theme "America 500 years".
1993/95- Creator, sketcher and headwriter of the satirical magazine "Paparazzi" (Malmö).
1997- Manager of the video studio "4S Mediaverkstad", created by SIM, the Schoolboard, the Culture House of Sofielund and various Youth Organisations.
1998- Director, photography and editing of the Swedish documentary "Beirut idag"
1999/01- Adult and children teacher for production of digital video courses at "4S Mediaverkstad".
2001- Illustrations and graphic design of the pedagogical book "Våga vara förälder" ("Dare to be a parent").
2002- Diverse animations and documentaries.2002-2003 Diverse documentary and animations. It participates in several international competitions of humor
2004 - Seminar “My life as a cartoonist” at the Museum of Landskrona, Sweden.
Illustrations and layout for the poster and information pamphlet, for “Folkbildningsföreningen i Malmö” educational training center in Malmö.
Work together with the satirical magazine, “La Momia Roja”, Santiago, Chile.
Graphical layout for the youth magazine “Horizont”.
Cartoon exhibition at Leonard Gallery, Malmö.
Personal art exhibition of graphical humor at Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Malmö.
Illustration for the 2005 Christmas card of the United Nations Regional Information Center in Brussels.

2005 – Design of logo, poster, brochure and flag for ”Glokala Folkhögskolan”, (Glokala College), Malmö.
Cover and article illustrations for Tidskriften Folkhögskolan.
Graphical design and editorial guidance for the magazine, “cOraZON”, produced by 15 youth , between the age of 16 and 20 years, Malmö.
Re-establishment of the advertising company “Varilla”.
Website design for various organisations and companies: Sofielunds Folkets Hus, Restaurang la Empanada, Mobilisering mot diskriminering, among others.
Participation in the “1st Festival Porto de Humor”, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil.

2006 – Personal art exhibition at “Libreria Latinoamericana” (The Latin American Bookstore), Stockholm - view comments by Germa'n Perotti.
Graphical design and illustrations for the magazine: “MOD mobilisering mot diskriminering”.
Graphic layout, -design, -illustrations and journalistic guidelines for the magazine “Sofielundsbladet”, Malmö.
"The limits of freedom of expression of editorial cartoonists" Workshop with the associations of publishing sketchers of East Europe, Bucharest, Rumania.
Art exhibition “Art, Graphic and Humor”, Biblioteket Väster, Lund, Sweden.
Cartoon exhibition: “4 Chilean satirical sketchers”